Small business Law Articles

Maintaining Current Business Records With the California Secretary of State All California corporations and limited liability companies must file a Statement of Information on a periodic basis
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Small Business Administration Business Development Program The Small Business Administration has adopted a business development program under Section 8(a) that provides certain advantages to help small disadvantaged businesses compete in the American economy and access the federal procurement market.
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Employee Incentive Plans For A Small Business Small businesses have many options to provide their employees with meaningful ways to participate in the success of the small business, including stock options, rights plans, restricted stock, long-term incentive plans and phantom stock plans. All of these plans can work for small business corporations, limited liability companies or partnerships.
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Deadlocks Between Owners Of Corporations And Limited Liability Companies Business disputes are common. Here are some typical ways to deal with them.
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Cooperatives and Small Business A cooperative entity may be a perfect choice when a small business works with a group or community of individuals. Small businesses in the same industry may find substantial benefit from forming a cooperative association
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Employee Liability For Corporation's Obligations In many cases, shareholders and directors of a small business can have liability for the bad actions of a corporation. Usually this liability comes from arguments to disregard the corporate form or to "pierce the corporate veil." This Colorado case finds that an employee that is heavily involved in running the business can also have personal liability for the obligations of a small business.
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Investments Sold Through Cold Calling Violate Colorado Securities Laws Without Registration Colorado issues order against Chicago real estate company for selling unregistered investments
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Avoid False Advertising Claims - Clothes Maker Fined For False Advertising About Bamboo Advertising claims must be true and backed by reliable evidence. A recent ruling by the Federal Trade Commission found that claims made by a clothing manufactured that its clothes were made with bamboo fibers and were green products were misleading.
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