Running a business is complicated. We Make it Simple.

Running a business is complicated. We Make it Simple.

Simplicity Law can help put together a business asset protection plan

Small business owners need to protect themselves from liabilities of their businesses with a business asset protection plan.  Small businesses are subject to all kinds of liabilities.  If owners are not careful, they can become personally liable for the claims or debts of their businesses.

Business asset protection planscan be easy:

  • Use a limited liability company or corporation
  • Separate personal and business assets
  • Avoid personal guarantees
  • Use the Company name when conducting business

For small businesses who need extra protection, there are a variety of more sophisticated ways to protect your business assets. Simplicity Law can help with business asset protection plans starting at a flat fee of $250.

Simplicity Law can help with the following legal matters and more:

  • Place assets in multiple entities
  • Move assets away from the business
  • Make smart insurance decisions
  • Take advantage of homestead exemptions
  • Conduct regular legal compliance audits
  • Use business asset protection trusts

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