Running a business is complicated. We Make it Simple.

Running a business is complicated. We Make it Simple.

We help people with selling a small business.

Because our entire focus in on small businesses, we know how to help you be successful in selling a small business.  We know the tactics buyers use and the key business agreements that are necessary to help protect your investment when buying a business or if you’re selling a business, execute correctly.

We also have a deep understanding of the value of businesses and can help increase the purchase price you receive for your small business.

We can help you eliminate liability after the sale of your business.

We have helped hundreds of sellers of restaurants, bars, manufacturing plants, contractors, dry cleaners and many more types of small businesses.

Our sales of business packages start at only $500.

  • Letters of intent
  • Acquisition and sales agreements
  • Due diligence
  • Stock transfers
  • Limited liability company purchase agreements
  • Transfer documents
  • Transfer of permits and licenses and contracts
  • Escrow agreements

Our Attorneys

Christopher Pike
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Mary Joe Weston
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