1. We Do This a Lot

  • We work with small business questions all day, every day - making us faster and smarter about small business legal matters.
  • We only hire lawyers with the best training and small business experience so we can provide you expert advice in a fast manner.

2. We Minimize Costs and Environmental Impact

  • We don't have fancy offices, but we don't think you'll miss the leather chairs.
  • We limit our environmental impact by traveling less and working remotely when possible.
  • We operate like a small business... because we are one!

3. We Stay Small and Simple

  • We ONLY work on small business needs. This means no ambulance chasing or spilled coffee law suits.
  • We keep things simple because we know your small business needs quick, concise, and understandable legal advice.
  • See our feature in the Denver Business Journal »